Genuine. Committed. Conservative.

for the 21st Congressional District of Texas

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Why I’m Running

“It’s past time for the American people to reclaim our God-given right to live free from government interference – to break the back of the Washington establishment and end the never-ending cycle of politicians who campaign as conservatives only to let the swamp run the show – telling us they’re not for amnesty but then supporting it, telling us they’re repealing Obamacare when they’re not, telling us they’re for balanced budgets while laughing off the President’s 5-year balanced budget.

Enough. It’s time for genuine, proven leadership to fight for our children against a tide of government regulation, spending, and coercion that threatens their future. Together, we will seize this moment in history to unite Americans around our shared commitment to limited constitutional government and our right to live free in our communities and according to our faith.”

Chip Roy

Meet Chip

Chip Roy is a genuine conservative, a committed husband and father and a true patriot with extensive experience in both the private sector and public service.

Most recently, Chip served as the Vice President of Strategy for the Texas Public Policy Foundation.

Previously, he served in several top leadership positions for Texas elected officials, including as the First Assistant Attorney General of Texas under Ken Paxton. Prior to that, he served as Chief of Staff to U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and as a senior advisor to Texas Governor Rick Perry – including as director of State-Federal Relations for the State of Texas.

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