Chip Roy Applauds Attorney General Paxton Challenge to DACA

Chip Roy made the following statement today regarding Attorney General Paxton’s challenge to DACA:

“The rule of law is the foundation of the strength of our great nation, and President Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional granting of amnesty and benefits to hundreds of thousands of people is both bad for our country and the immigrants it purports to help.
“I was proud to work with the great team at the Office of the Attorney General in support of Attorney General Paxton and the 25 state coalition he led to stop the Obama administration’s attempt to grant status and benefits to the ‘DAPA’ class of those present illegally in our country.  That effort began with Governor Abbott, and we were victorious in the Southern District of Texas and the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals before a split Supreme Court upheld the lower court and struck down the executive action – a major win for the rule of law and the separation of powers.
“Given the absolute refusal of Democrats, and some Republicans, to get serious about securing our borders and reforming our immigration system, it is incumbent upon states to continue to lead the effort to enforce the rule of law and preserve and protect the sovereignty of America.
“Meanwhile, Congress should fund President Trump’s wall, heighten penalties and increase enforcement for visa-overstays, and reform our immigration system to focus on putting America’s security and prosperity first.”

Stand with Chip!