Chip Roy for Congress Goes on the Air with TV Ad “The Game”

Chip Roy for Congress is live today with its first ad of the campaign titled “The Game” highlighting why Chip ran for office… not to “play the game,” but to keep the dream alive, and his successful efforts reaching across the aisle to pass the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act ease access to job-saving loans for small businesses.


Ad Transcript:

“If this isn’t heaven, it’s pretty darn close.

“Living our values. That independent spirit. Our birthright as Texans.

“That’s why I hold my party accountable if they’re wrong, and work across party
lines when it’s right for Texas.

“Easing access to job-saving loans for small businesses. Wrote it with a Democrat — signed by the President.

“I didn’t run to play the game. I ran to keep the dream alive.

“His. Ours. Texas.

“I’m Chip Roy and I approve this message.”

Stand with Chip!