Chip Roy Statement on Healthcare Debate

Chip Roy made the following statement today regarding the new Heritage Foundation-led healthcare reform plan: 

“While it is encouraging to see that some in Washington are not walking away from the healthcare debate, the so-called Health Policy Consensus Group proposal is sadly more of the same type of thinking that saw repeated failed attempts to repeal Obamacare last year. The plan, as described, would keep most of Obamacare’s taxes and spending and would do little to substantively address the root cause of the extraordinary rise in premium and healthcare costs.

“Real relief cannot be meaningfully attained until the federal health insurance regulations responsible for driving up premiums, diminishing care, and closing provider networks have been fully repealed and states have been put back in charge to regulate insurance as they desire. Furthermore, any proposal should ensure that insurance subsidies, which have destroyed market competition while enriching insurers’ profit margins, are fully eliminated and are not given a pathway for future implementation. Such cronyism is unconscionable and only adds insult to injury for the tens of millions of Americans struggling with the high costs of health insurance due to government mandates and subsidies.

“Americans have suffered for far too long from Washington’s one-size-fits-all approach to healthcare policy. Federal regulations are destroying family budgets and limiting patients’ access to care. Government bureaucrats are interfering with the relationship that patients have with their doctors. Federal mandates are constraining the ability of states to implement policy reforms and set up competitive markets. And big insurance companies are clamoring for taxpayer-backed “stability funding” in a crony, venture socialist system. This is not what freedom looks like.”

Stand with Chip!