Chip Roy Statement on Supreme Court Ruling in Trump v. Hawaii

“Today’s Supreme Court decision in Trump v. Hawaii shows that the President’s actions to limit travel to the United States from certain countries is well within his constitutional powers as Commander-in-Chief. The unfortunate fact is that a number of nations have become hostile breeding grounds for radical Islamic terrorists who seek to infiltrate and carry out attacks on Americans. The first duty of any elected official and indeed the primary duty of government is to protect its citizens.

“The Supreme Court got it largely right today. The President has the authority to limit immigration from nations that pose an outsized risk and danger to the American people, just as he also has the authority to limit entry into the United States from our increasingly dangerous southern border.

“The continued attempts by progressive politicians and judges to hinder our ability to secure our borders and defend our sovereignty as a nation of laws cannot be allowed to continue. The President should continue seeking measures within his constitutional boundaries to defend the American people and our nation’s sovereignty. Accordingly, Congress must act legislatively to do the same.

“Our borders must be secured and our asylum process must be reformed to protect it from individuals and groups who would abuse our compassion to inflict harm on our people.”

Stand with Chip!