Conservative Review: Venture socialist health care in America: Employer insurance plans now cost as much as a car

Imagine if government created a scheme whereby $20,000 of your annual salary is diverted into the purchase of a product, which creates a monopoly for a small group of companies, thereby boxing you out of that entire product or service unless you find a job where that amount of money is diverted for that product? Well, that is essentially our government-manipulated health care system in one sentence.

According to a new report from the Kaiser Family Foundation, annual premiums for “employer-provided” medical insurance plans for families rose 5% this past year, more than double the rate of inflation. The price tag now stands at $20,576, as much as the cost of purchasing an economy car over again every single year. That is the money that is coming out of worker paychecks with so few people even realizing it. According to Kaiser, employees are now paying an average of $6,015 toward their premiums, up $1,200 since 2014, but they often forget the remaining $14.5K is coming out of their salaries too.

In total, premiums have risen 54 percent over the past decade. While that is not as bad as the skyrocketing cost of individuals plans, which have essentially become insolvent without government handouts, it is an outrageous indictment of Obamacare’s promise.

Oh, and deductibles, co-insurance, and co-pays have skyrocketed as well. Deductibles and co-pays are actually good when and if you are paying premiums that are the cost of catastrophic coverage. But to pay “Cadillac prices” for premiums and still get hit with so many more charges is outrageous.

Employer-based insurance is not market-based, it’s venture socialism from government         

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