Democrats or ICE Agents?

by Chip Roy

Last week, the Democrats put their increasing radicalism on full display. The U.S. House voted on a resolution to honor the men and women of ICE, who are tasked with the difficult and often dangerous duty of protecting our borders and enforcing our immigration laws.

Only 18 Democrats voted in favor of this resolution. More than 130 Democrats voted present, refusing to take a position. And amazingly, 34 Democrats voted against supporting the ICE agents.

My opponent has been touting his endorsement by the ringleader of the “Abolish ICE” movement: Elizabeth Warren. She not only wants to abolish ICE, but she consistently advocates for leftwing policies like single-payer, government-run healthcare and gun control.

The Democrats’ calls to abolish ICE are reckless and irresponsible. The question is: Does my opponent agree with the Democrats or does he stand with the men and women of ICE courageously protecting our border, families and communities?

While the far left may not believe in U.S. sovereignty and borders, the vast majority of Americans certainly do. And Texans know first-hand the importance of securing America’s borders, while ensuring that those who wish to come to America can do so in a legal and orderly fashion.

Recent stories about families being separated at the border have been heart-wrenching to watch–especially as a father of two young children. A cynical media and increasingly lawless Democrat Party, however, have used these stories to obfuscate the real issue at hand: our unsecured southern border.

No American wants to see families separated from one another. Just as no Americans want to see their communities filled with violence and illicit drugs pushed by criminal illegal aliens affiliated with international drug cartels and murderous gangs like MS-13. The way to solve this issue and to show true compassion is to secure our border and shut down the flow of illegal crossings into our country.

This will prevent families from being separated. This will end the exposure of women and children to abuse from human traffickers, drug smugglers, and cartel operatives. And this will better secure our communities from the violent activities of criminal illegal gangs.

Despite his best efforts to paint himself as a moderate, my opponent shares Senator Warren’s desire to expand the role of the federal government in your lives. If elected, he would join the radical Pelosi-Warren wing of the Democrat Party and advance these socialist ideas.

The people of the 21st District of Texas deserve a Congressman who understands the importance of securing our borders and protecting American sovereignty. We need a Congressman who supports intelligent and strong policies to uphold our immigration laws and better protect our families and communities. We need a congressman who supports the men and women serving with ICE right here in San Antonio.

And we need a Congressman who will vigorously support and defend liberty in every area, so that you and your family have the freedom to live your lives to their fullest potential without Washington bureaucrats interfering every step of the way.

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Stand with Chip!