See what these strong conservative leaders are saying about the campaign!

Ted Cruz on Chip Roy for Congress

“Chip Roy will provide much-needed reinforcements to help advance conservative ideas in Washington. He is a dear friend, and a man of conviction, character, and deeply rooted conservative principle. I know Chip, I trust Chip, and the people of Texas can always count on him to keep his word. I have no doubt Chip will immediately step up as a fearless conservative leader in Congress. I’m excited to wholeheartedly endorse his campaign and urge voters in Congressional District 21 to support him.”

Ted Cruz

U.S. Senator

Lamar Smith on Chip Roy for Congress

“Chip Roy is a person of integrity and intelligence, a combination that is far too uncommon in our nation’s capitol. I’ve personally witnessed him tirelessly working on behalf of Texans in Washington, DC, to promote liberty, limited government, and responsible spending of our tax dollars.”

Rep. Louie Gohmert

U.S. Congressman (R-Tyler)

Lamar Smith on Chip Roy for Congress

“Chip has worked as an advocate for constitutional conservatism, reduced regulations, and advanced conservative immigration reform. I can confidently say he will serve the 21st Congressional District with distinction. Chip is dedicated to minimizing the size of the federal government and is always willing to listen to the insights and advice of Texas business leaders.”

Rep. Lamar Smith

U.S. Congressman (R-San Antonio)

Rick Perry on Chip Roy for Congress

“Chip has dedicated his life to the pursuit of liberty and improving the lives of his fellow Texans at the highest levels of public service. But more, I personally saw him defeat one of life’s toughest enemies, cancer, and that fight toughened his resolve to fight for our country. Let’s send this good man, my friend, to Congress.”

Rick Perry

Former Governor of Texas

Joann Fleming

“As a full-time volunteer conservative activist for 26 long years, I know we MUST send proven conservative fighters to join the very small group of ‘good guys’ fighting to change our country’s dangerous trajectory. Chip Roy is that proven fighter.”

JoAnn Fleming

Executive Director
Grassroots America – We the People PAC

Club for Growth on Chip Roy for Congress

“Cut from the same cloth as Sens. Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Chip is exactly the type of fiscal conservative Congress needs.”

Club for Growth

House Freedom Fund on Chip Roy for Congress

“Chip is a full-spectrum conservative who voters can count on to deliver on his campaign promises. And his experience will allow him to hit the ground running if he’s elected next year.”

House Freedom Fund

Mark Levin on Chip Roy for Congress

“I hope the people in your district will understand what a tremendous opportunity you have, which very few of us get…I would like to give you my full throated endorsement”

Mark Levin

Radio Host

citizens united victory fund

club for growth

for america

FRC action pac

freedomworks for america

gun owners of america

house freedom fund

madison project

numbers usa

senate conservatives fund

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National Conservative Leaders

  • Ted Cruz
    U.S. Senator
  • Mike Lee
    U.S. Senator
  • Rick Perry
    Former Texas Governor
  • Mark Levin
    Radio Host
  • Erick Erickson
    Radio Host
  • Louie Gohmert
    U.S. Representative
  • Steve Deace
    Radio Host
  • Jenny Beth Martin
    Tea Party Patriots Citizen Fund, Chairman
  • Daniel Horowitz
    Senior Editor, Conservative Review
  • David Bossie
    Former Trump for President Deputy Campaign Manager

State and Local Conservative Leaders

  • Susan Narvaiz
    Former CD 21 Candidate, Former Mayor of San Marcos
  • Ryan Krause
    Former CD 21 Candidate, Small Business Owner
  • Eric Burkhart
  • Former CD 21 Candidate, Author, Retired CIA Officer
  • Austin Tea Party
  • Pastor Greg Young
  • Chosen Generation Radio Host, Nationally Syndicated
  • San Antonio Pastors PAC
  • Allen Tharp
    President, San Antonio Tea Party, Conservative Talk Radio Show Host
  • George Rodriguez
    Former President, San Antonio Tea Party, El Conservador
  • Debbie Wall
    First Vice President and Military Outreach Chair of San Antonio Republican Women, 2013 TFRW Convention Co-Chair
  • Terri Hall
    Comal Co. Activist, President of Texans Uniting for Reform and Freedom
  • Sonja Harris
    Comal Co. Conservative Writer, Pro-Life Activist
  • Laura Koerner
    Fair Oaks Ranch City Councilwoman
  • Patrick McGuinness
    Executive Vice-Chair of Travis Co. Republican Party
  • Deana Abiassi
    Bexar County Conservative Leader
  • Sue Piner
    President, Republican Club of Comal Co.
  • Ted and Karen Johnson
    Comal Co. Activists
  • Mary and Ken Dockery
    Comal Co. Conservative Leaders
  • Comal for Liberty
  • Glenn Breitung
    Canyon Lake Republican Women Member
  • Mary Breitung
    Canyon Lake Republican Women, Republican Club of Comal County
  • Jennifer Tharp 
    Comal County District Attorney
  • Ellen Troxclair 
    Austin City Councilwoman
  • Naomi Narvaiz 
    SREC SD 21
  • Fernando Treviño 
    SREC SD14
  • Barron Casteel 
    New Braunfels Mayor
  • Ray Jeffrey 
    Former Bulverde Mayor, Current City Council member
  • John Beacom 
    Comal Tea Party Activist
  • Kaci Sisk
    Past President, Bulverde Area Republican Women
  • Cutter Gonzalez
    PR Director, Hill Country Young Republicans
  • The Honorable Diana Denman
    Former Reagan Administration Official
  • Babbie Migl
    Bulverde Area Republican Women & Republican Club of Comal Co.
  • Bob Waller
    Chair for City of Kerrville Planning & Zoning Commission
  • Major Wendell Pool, USAF (ret).
    Canyon Lake Republican Women, RPT Convention Delegate
  • Jeanie Pehl
    Former President of Gillespie County Republican Women and Gillespie County Republicans
  • Manfred Wendt
    Young Conservatives of Texas President, Trinity University Chapter
  • Saurabh Sharma
    President, Young Conservatives of Texas, UT Chapter
  • Vidal Castaneda
    Former Young Conservatives of Texas President, UT Chapter
  • Samantha Martinez
    Former Student Body Vice President, Texas State
  • Cathie Adams
    Former RPT Chairman, Former President of Texas Eagle Forum
  • JoAnn Fleming
    Grassroots America-We the People, Executive Director
  • Mike Cox
    Director of LTC for Texas State Rifle Association (TSRA)
  • Rhonda Lacy
    SREC SD 31, TFRW VP of Membership
  • Sue Evenwel
    SREC SD 1
  • Lorie Medina
    Frisco Tea Party, Chairman of Real Conservatives National Committee
  • Chris Molak
    Grassroots Activist (Bexar Co)
  • Grant Moody
    Grassroots Activist (Bexar Co)
  • JoAnn White
    Grassroots Activist (Blanco County)
  • Belinda Frisk
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Ron Frisk
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Ken Dockery
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Mary Dockery
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Ladell Smith
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Carolyn Herbert
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Mike Kovalski
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Shirley Chandler
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Don Chandler
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Chet Crump
    Grassroots Activist (Comal Co)
  • Jordan Mandujano
    Grassroots Activist (Hays Co)
  • Mason McKie
    Grassroots Activist (Hays Co)
  • Drew Gonzalez
    Grassroots Activist (Hays Co)
  • John Hall
    Grassroots Activist (Kendall Co)
  • Maree Hall
    Grassroots Activist (Kendall Co)
  • Nathan Morgan
    Grassroots Activist (Kendall Co)
  • Rich Carroll
    Grassroots Activist (Kerr Co)
  • Suze Cook
    Grassroots Activist (Kerr Co)
  • Sheree Love
    Grassroots Activist (Kerr Co)
  • Carla Hall
    Grassroots Activist (Kerr Co)
  • Vivian Strebeck
    Grassroots Activist (Kerr Co)
  • Courtney Joyner
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)
  • Michael Ray
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)
  • Dianne Mana-ay
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)
  • Alejandra Cordova
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)
  • Anna McMillan
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)
  • Homero Trevino
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)
  • Joshua Lambert
    Grassroots Activist (Travis Co)

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