Gun Owners of America Endorses Chip Roy for Reelection

Austin, TX — The Chip Roy for Congress campaign is proud to announce the support and endorsement of Gun Owners of America in the race for Congressman Roy’s reelection to continue representing Congressional District 21 in the United States Congress.

In their endorsement statement, Gun Owners of America said:

“Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse U.S. Representative Chip Roy for re-election in Congressional District 21!

“Earlier this week the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence made the stakes of this race clear: They endorsed Wendy Davis and committed to spend $100,000 to elect her. They’d love nothing more than to use what’s happening in Virginia as a model for Congress, and you know how Wendy Davis will vote.

“The anti-gun crowd, led by Michael Bloomberg, would like nothing more than to flip a conservative Texas congressional seat their way.

“We MUST support Chip Roy and maintain a strong Second Amendment representation for Texas in Congress.

“Make sure you vote for Chip Roy.”

“It’s a true honor to earn the support of Gun Owners of America — one of the most fierce and focused advocates for our Second Amendment in America,” said Congressman Chip Roy. “Just like Gun Owners of America, I believe the Second Amendment means what it says: that ‘the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.’ The stakes in this race are real and defined. My opponent is running with the backing of those who wish to restrict the Constitutional liberties of the people of Texas and America, and that’s exactly what she’ll do if elected.”

Congressman Roy is running for reelection to represent Texas Congressional District 21 in the United States Congress. The endorsement comes at a pivotal time as Congressman Roy coalesces support from conservatives headed into what is likely to be one of the top Congressional races in the country in 2020. He is unopposed in the primary election and will likely face off against failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis in November. Early voting in the primary election begins February 18.


Stand with Chip!