The Issues

The next U.S. Representative for the Texas 21st must demonstrate a genuine commitment to stand strong against the tidal wave of DC insiders and have a proven track record of doing so – on all issues – across the board. Almost all Republicans run on a standard checklist of issues – “be pro-God, be pro-gun, support the military, cut taxes, cut regulation, cut spending, end Obamacare, secure the border,” and the like, and almost all run as “conservative.” But these are just words. Conservatism is much more – and reflects a genuine commitment to limited constitutional government and the unlimited freedom and opportunity that it creates for mankind.
  • Stand Up For America

    When Jefferson concluded the Declaration of Independence and wrote that “with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor,” he wasn’t just talking about those 56 men sitting there in Independence Hall. He was talking about all of us.

    We do that every day as Americans, we pledge to each other. We mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunate, our sacred honor. That is what the Declaration was, is, and will be. And it is who we are as Americans. It is our birthright and we stand up for that. Or as President Reagan said, “That freedom is just one generation away from extinction.”

    We have an obligation to stand up and fight for the principles, the ideals that founded our country, and that we’ve continued to develop and strive to achieve, but yet we never will achieve them because we are all imperfect human beings.

    Our Founders set forth ideals that we’re continuing to strive to achieve, and as we work toward a “more perfect Union,” let’s celebrate and be proud of America!

  • Stand With Law Enforcement

    The men and women of Law Enforcement put their lives on the line each and every day to ensure the safety of our communities.

    Rep. Chip Roy is proud to stand with them, #BackTheBlue, and fight to ensure they have the resources the need to do their jobs and keep our communities safe.

  • Secure the Border

    When it comes to immigration, the federal government should have one focus: America. It should first focus its efforts on securing our borders so that terrorists, criminals, and illegal immigrants are not allowed to come and go as they please. That means we need a wall, yes, but far greater interior enforcement to stem the tide of illegal presence. Then it should focus its efforts on designing an immigration system based on American values, not those of special interests and Washington politicians. Our immigration laws should welcome those who want to work hard and embrace the American dream and way of life – rather than focusing on the interests of well-connected businesses who leverage lobbyists to influence the Washington establishment.

  • Reduced Federal Spending

    With over $26 trillion in debt eclipsing our economy, we can and must reduce spending, which hasn’t slowed down regardless of the party in power. That’s because of how the Washington establishment – “the swamp” – operates. So I’ll fight the return of earmarks, used in the past for back-room deal making to grease the skids in exchange for K Street cronyism. We also need the willpower to pass a balanced budget and refuse to increase the debt ceiling without meaningful spending reductions. Instead, Congress prefers to unilaterally disarm and hide in the corner from accusation of “government shutdown.” This is unacceptable, and spending must be contained immediately. As a member of Congress, I will make reducing spending a top priority – as it is the best method of making Washington far less important in our lives – and breaking the back of the Washington establishment.

  • Restore Healthcare Freedom

    Healthcare freedom ultimately means being able to purchase insurance tailored to one’s specific health needs. We haven’t had it since long before Obamacare – and THAT is the problem. It is high time we are free in this country to contract for healthcare services and healthcare insurance without government mandates that drive up costs and restrict freedom. “Obamacare repeal” is just a (broken) campaign promise. What we need is healthcare freedom – and that means getting rid of the regulations that are driving up costs. It means empowering healthcare sharing ministries and other avenues to providing more effective cost-sharing among communities. It means radically reforming Medicaid and devolving it to the states with no strings. It means no subsidies for insurance companies. And it means the right to get the healthcare of your choosing without interference from Washington.

  • Energy

    Under the leadership of the Trump administration and my former boss, ex-Energy Secretary Rick Perry, the United States has reached new heights in energy.

    We are less dependent now on Middle Eastern and Russian oil and now lead the world in oil and gas production. And even while accomplishing this, since 2005 no country in the world has reduced their CO2 emissions more than the United States, primarily driven by fracked natural gas used in electricity production.

    Abundant, affordable energy benefits all Americans. The White House Council of Economic Advisors estimates that increased oil and natural gas production due to the fracking revolution is saving American families a combined $203 billion annually, or around $2,500 per family.

    Lower-income households spend a larger proportion of their income on energy bills, so expensive energy and utilities would harm these families more than the private jet elitists lecturing them about carbon footprints.

    We can responsibly address environmental concerns and maintain low energy costs by pursuing a comprehensive policy of energy production that focuses on low cost, abundant, clean energy options – including natural gas, oil, nuclear, and renewables.

    A competitive marketplace of ideas that does not restrict investment in specific industries will ensure that the United States is prepared to meet the economic and environmental issues of the future.

  • Stand for Life

    We should always be a nation that promotes and values life. Period. I believe that all life is sacred and that life begins at conception. So I will always fight to defend the sanctity of life and to oppose abortion in any form. Life is a precious gift from God. That’s what I have believed my whole life, and that was only reinforced when I defeated cancer. We must continue building a culture that values innocent unborn life. I’m also strongly opposed to any taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood and will fight to stop those resources used to support killing babies.

  • Strengthen Military, Support Veterans

    The brave men and women in the military must have what they need to defend our country overseas and here at home. For too many years, our readiness has declined as the threats against our national security have grown. I support strengthening our military and ensuring they have both the tools and the rules of engagement that permits them to succeed on the battlefield. In addition, our service members and veterans deserve members of Congress who will unequivocally support them and have their back. Finally, we must do a better job at making sure Washington focuses on its core function so that all active-duty military and veterans are getting the health care and benefits they have earned.

  • Deeply Reduce Regulations

    President Trump and his team have been doing a great job reducing regulations. But Congress needs to help him go much, much further and much, much quicker. It will do us no good to ratchet back regulations only to have a future big-government liberal President put them back in place and go even further. Congress must act. Regulations drive up prices, reduce freedom, reduce options and are not necessary at the federal level. Texans can figure out how to take care of ourselves, and we should get the federal regulatory state out of the way. Congress should massively pull back the ability of ANY unelected, unaccountable federal bureaucrat in the future to make rules that reduce our quality of life by passing clear laws and reining in regulations.

  • Simplify Taxes

    The recent tax bill was a great step forward for economic growth because it leaves far more money in the hands of the people and of small, medium and large businesses. Unfortunately, it still left the tax code far too complex and far too onerous. We must simplify taxes – whether it’s repealing the 16th Amendment and going to national sales tax, or going to a simple flat tax that can be filled out on a postcard under the current system – or considering a truly federalist approach and allowing states to collect taxes as they see fit and remit to the treasury… we must reduce the annual burden and cost of the massively complex federal tax code. April 15th should not be a consequential date in your life unless it happens to be Easter or Good Friday.

  • Promote and Defend America and her Allies

    We need a foreign policy rooted in peace through strength, where the United States stands up to our enemies and strongly defends our national security interests and supports our allies. After eight years of weakness and appeasement under President Obama, it is critically important that we restore American leadership in the world, and stand shoulder to shoulder with our allies, including Israel, which deserves our resolute support in the most dangerous parts of the world. I was tremendously proud and commend President Trump for his historic announcement recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and beginning the process to move our embassy to Jerusalem. It is also in the national security interest of the United States to ensure under no circumstances does the Iranian regime ever build and obtain nuclear weapons, and to demonstrate for support the Iranian people who oppose their repressive, terrorist supporting government in Tehran.

  • Less Powerful Judges

    Judges and bureaucrats are unelected. Judges and bureaucrats have too much power. Each are deciding too many issues that are personal and/or should be decided through our representatives. That must stop. It can stop by reasserting the Article I powers of Congress to make the important decisions of the people rather than punting to the Judiciary or bureaucrats (to whom the judiciary too often is deferring). It can stop by limiting the reach of the Judiciary, considering impeachment where appropriate, and/or limiting their tenures. It can stop by ending the absurd “deep state” protections of federal bureaucrats, and empower elected officials to remove them. But stop it must. Judges should interpret the law and follow the Constitution, not legislate from the bench – and bureaucrats should be fewer in number and should follow the direction of elected officials.

Stand with Chip!