Let Texas be Texas: Unity through Federalism

by Chip Roy

Millions of Texans are heading to the polls to cast their votes, electing individuals to represent them in Washington, D.C., in Austin, and on their city councils and other local positions.

We should not take this freedom for granted. Our representative democracy and the foundational tenets of liberty that undergird it have come at a high price — with the blood and lives of millions of Americans. Indeed, brave men and women are today standing up to protect and defend the United States, our Constitution, and the God-given liberties it enshrines.

Few will dispute that our nation is divided. The national discourse has reached a fevered pitch. The spectacle around the recent confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court is illustrative of this fact.

There are many reasons for how we got to this point. Many Texans believe government doesn’t work for them and hasn’t for a long time. Washington continues to work for itself, for its entrenched unelected bureaucracy and for the special interests that thrive at taxpayer expense.

The truth is that Washington has too much power. The courts have too much power. And the American people are suffering from the consequences of decades of one-size-fits-all edicts foisted on 330 million unique individuals across 50 states.

This is not the way our government is supposed to operate.

This column originally appeared on Texas Tribune. Read the full piece here.

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