Petition: Let America Open

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The United States must chart a path forward that opens our society immediately… A path that does the least amount of total human harm and that best promotes public health and economic prosperity. Government and hyperbole must get out of the way – and we must Let America Open.

It was reasonable to ask Americans to take steps voluntarily to “flatten the curve” to ensure our hospitals and medical infrastructure are prepared. We’ve done that.

But two weeks has turned into months and the goalposts keep moving. If we stick to the current government mandate approach, there will be far too much damage to public health and human flourishing.

In simple and immediately observable terms, the results have been catastrophic:

  • More than 30 million jobs have been destroyed.
  • Healthcare workers have been furloughed while preventive care, cancer screenings, blood tests, and elective procedures have been halted.
  • Civil liberties have been obstructed, and the basic right of people to provide for themselves has been blocked by local power-driven political leaders running amok.
  • More than $6 trillion in federal borrowing has been allocated as economic and societal assistance for businesses, hospitals, local governments, and the people.

Enough. Let America open.

People are self-interested beings; we want to survive. We can maintain improved hygiene, we can isolate the elderly, the sick, and all those at increased risk. Businesses are also self interested to implement guidelines to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. Government should allow them to do so.

This is why we must Let America Open. Join our cause and demand an end to the madness. Let’s join together to open America now.

Stand with Chip!