LTE: New Braunfels Herald-Zeitung: Bipartisan fix will help businesses across country

Often in Congress’s rush to act, legislation is neither clear nor reasoned, much less fully read by those voting for or against it. Righting the wrongs can often be more complicated because of entrenched views and unwillingness to admit error. Fortunately for small businesses, the bipartisan efforts of two freshman Congressmen—Republican Chip Roy of San Antonio/Austin and Democrat Dean Phillips of Minnesota—will restore the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) to its intended purpose.

The PPP offers loan forgiveness if business borrowers use the proceeds to maintain their payrolls and pay other specified expenses. Overlooked in the rush to act quickly, the law’s inflexibility jeopardized its intended relief and has come under fire from critics in both parties. Roy and Phillips’ Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act creates more flexibility for small businesses to survive and recover. Their fix, with a diverse list of national and regional organizations supporting its passage, was approved by an overwhelming 417-1 House vote with expected passage in the Senate.

Chip Roy and Dean Phillips worked as voters expect them to—identifying problems, thinking outside the box (or party), working across the aisle, and effectively selling the idea to colleagues. This is leadership the voters deserve. Fighting a virus and the economic crash it has spawned is difficult enough without Washington infighting and lack of action. The success of these Congressional freshmen is truly refreshing in this challenging time.

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