WASHINGTON — U.S. Rep. Chip Roy was one of just five Texas Republicans who voted to certify President Joe Biden’s election victory, and in the weeks that followed, he was answering for it in the deepest-red portions of his Central Texas district.

“His vote was a big disappointment to a lot of people, and people voiced that very loudly to him,” recalled Lynn Haueter, who chairs the Bandera County GOP. “He came to one of our meetings and kind of just took it.”

Roy said he remembered the Bandera meeting well — and many like it as he toured the district, explaining to angry supporters of former President Donald Trump that he believed it was unconstitutional for Congress to object to the electors sent by the states, as 139 of his GOP colleagues in the House did Jan. 6. Roy has consistently said he believed Congress’ role was simply to count the votes, nothing more. He said he thinks most of those who came to the meetings were satisfied with the explanation.

“Some left still a little mad — and that’s OK,” Roy said. “It’s not a direct democracy. I have to take into account all of the stuff and go exercise my duty, oath and my conscience in reflecting the will of my voters in the context of my constitutional obligation.”

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