Newsmax: Rep. Chip Roy Wants State Department to Act on Mexican Cartels

Rep. Chip Roy, who introduced legislation in March to ask the State Department to designate specific Mexican drug cartels as foreign terrorist organizations, said Tuesday it’s time for the United States to take action.

“I introduced legislation to ask the State Department to consider designating specific cartels, not all generic cartels, as foreign terrorist organizations,” the Texas Republican said on Fox News’ “Fox and Friends.”

“We did that along with Congressman Mark Green from Tennessee. We did that because we think it’s important to give our government tools to take them out, to be able to target anybody providing material support to terrorists.”

Such steps would include freezing assets and stopping individuals from coming into the United States, said Roy. Most importantly, he added, taking action would give a “big signal that we will take them out.”

Roy said President Donald Trump supported his legislation early on, and he is grateful that Trump called for the terrorism designation two weeks ago.

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