Rep. Jim Jordan: Conservative warrior Chip Roy is facing a potential onslaught of liberal money from across the country in his re-election campaign

By U.S. Rep. Jim Jordan

Conservative warrior Chip Roy is facing a potential onslaught of liberal money from across the country in his re-election campaign. News recently broke that one of the left’s favorite champions, abortion-extremist Wendy Davis, is looking very seriously at running against Chip and will decide *very soon.*

Wendy Davis shot to national, liberal fame a few years ago when she filibustered in defense of abortion. That’s right, she’s so passionate and radical about doing the bidding of abortion-extremists that she stood up in the Texas Legislature for 13 hours to block a common sense, pro-life bill.

If she runs against Chip, you can guarantee that millions of left-wing dollars will flood into this race against Chip from Hollywood, Manhattan, San Francisco and everywhere in between. We need to help Chip raise $100,000 and get 1,000 donors by the June 30th deadline.

We can stop Wendy Davis with your help. Please donate $250, $100, $50, $25 or whatever you can to Chip Roy’s campaign right now — make sure he has the resources to counter the national liberal money that will flood into his race.

Chip Roy is a rare breed in Washington. He campaigned last year to fight for conservative principles and really take on the Washington Swamp. And you know what? He’s doing what he said he would do! That’s very unusual in politics now, and it’s why I supported Chip so strongly during his campaign last year. Now we have to rally around Chip again.

Since Chip was sworn-in to Congress this January, I’ve seen first-hand that he is an effective, articulate and passionate voice for the conservative cause. Simply put, he does not waver. And we urgently need that right now in Washington.

Chip has stood with us in supporting President Trump’s efforts to build the wall, secure the border and crack down on illegal immigration. He’s also one of the few voices in all of Congress who is speaking out against the reckless government spending that has caused our $22 trillion debt. Chip is also steadfastly pro-life and believes deeply in health care freedom.

He is exactly the kind of person we need at this moment in time and we need your help to keep him in Congress. When Chip stood up recently to object to Nancy Pelosi’s $19 billion spending bill, The Swamp got very angry. Specifically, the national Democrat campaign arm (DCCC) started running attack ads against Chip the very same day and made his district “a top tier Democrat pickup opportunity.”

Here’s a summary of why I’m writing you to ask for your help for Chip in this race:

  • National liberal darling, Wendy Davis, will decide *very soon* on running against Chip.
  • The national Democrat campaign arm has targeted Chip with attack ads this year.
  • DCCC is ranking Chip’s district as a “top tier Democrat pickup opportunity.”
  • Hillary Clinton said at a recent fundraiser that “Texas could turn blue in 2020.”
  • Nancy Pelosi is raising money in Texas and called it “ground zero” for 2020.

We need to make sure Chip will be able to keep standing with us in support of President Trump’s effort to secure the border and take on The Swamp. So please chip in $250, $100, $50, $25 or as much as you can right now to help Chip’s campaign reach its goal of $100,000 and 1,000 donors before this critical deadline.


U.S. Congressman, R-Ohio

Stand with Chip!