Republican Candidate Chip Roy Announces Veterans Coalition

Former Gov. Perry, Sen. Birdwell, & Col. Rob Maness Join Growing Group of Veterans supporting Chip Roy For Congress

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – The Vets for Chip coalition is comprised mostly of veterans from the 21st Congressional District who represent a variety of ranks and branches in the United States Armed Forces.  Chip and the coalition members believe in the need for a strong military, a secure border, and supporting our men and women in uniform when they return home. The members of this group support Chip Roy for Congress because they know he is a leader who not only shares their values, but also is dedicated to advancing freedom for future generations.

“Our veterans are some of the finest men and women in America. They take a pledge to uphold and defend the Constitution and risk their lives to protect our freedom and liberty against our enemies,” Chip stated. “Now, it is time for us to honor their service by preserving the very liberty they’ve fought so hard to defend. I’m listening to our great veterans and working with this group to best represent their interests in the United States Congress.”

Chip hosted a roundtable table discussion with members of the veteran and military community yesterday in San Antonio. The round table featured 40 veterans who shared their insights and concerns regarding veteran and military-related issues.

“Chip has a heart for veterans… and he’s keenly aware of our first job in government; to defend our nation and give our service men and women the tools they need. He’ll have their backs” said former Texas Governor Rick Perry.

“Congress does not and has not been listening to the military. Chip Roy is different. He is going to listen to us and make sure that we have the equipment that we need to do our job,” said Vets For Chip coalition member Frank Wall.

The initial group of 45 veteran members is already expanding and actively working to promote Chip’s campaign. A complete list of the Vets For Chip coalition members is below.

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Members of Veterans for Chip Roy

  • Governor Rick Perry, USAF
  • Senator Brian Birdwell, USA
  • Rob Maness, USAF
  • SGT Jim Clements, USA
  • COL Knowles Y. Atchison, USA
  • SSgt Sandy Clauss, USAF
  • Frank Wall, USAF
  • LTC Theodore Johnson, USA
  • Sgt Lindy Sisk, USMC
  • MSgt John Newman, USAF
  • LTC Conrad Striegl, USA
  • Maj Grant Moody, USMC
  • SSgt Cody Whitaker, USMC
  • SMSgt Greg Brannan, USAF
  • LtCol Bob Sartor, USMC
  • CPT Dr. David Crockett, USA
  • LT Laura Koerner, USN
  • SGT John Beacom, USA
  • SFC Michael Deffendall, USA
  • Col Carl Portz, USAF
  • SPC Jude Prather, USA
  • Capt Scott Kramer, USAF
  • SGM David Mulholland, USA
  • SGT Austin Talley, USA
  • SSG John Elliott, USA
  • CDR Bailey, USN
  • SPC Dalton Fromme, USA
  • LCpl Bob Waller, USMC
  • PO2 Terry Ayers, USN
  • COL J. Craig Flowers, USA
  • CPT Greg Anderson, USA
  • CDR James Fraser, USN
  • Maj Paul Zohlen, USMC
  • LTC Ronald Racinowski, USA
  • LTC William Sims, USA
  • COL Kenneth Allard, USA
  • CSM Emmanuel Valdez Jr., USA
  • MAJ Scott Douglass, USA
  • Col Anthony White, USMC
  • COL Susan Junker, USA
  • COL Knowles Atchison, USA
  • MSG Johnathan Johnoson, USA
  • CPT Spencer (Cord) Switzer, USA
  • COL S. Jane Allgood, USA
  • COL Tim Hodge, USA
  • MAJ Tex Hall, USA
  • COL Jeff Ragland. USA

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