Special Report: The Border Remains Open

by Chip Roy

After touring the border again in South Texas… the border remains open: Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is outmanned and outgunned by the Gulf Cartel while operating catch-and-release processing centers… leaving only a handful of agents actually on patrol!

Of course, the criticisms leveled at CBP are largely false… the centers are clean, with food, hygiene products, doctors, and children/family units are processed generally quickly… BECAUSE THEY ARE CAUGHT AND RELEASED.

Of almost 900,000 people apprehended on the southern border since 10/1/2018 — ignoring hundreds of thousands of “got aways” — almost 600,000 have been or soon will be caught and released as family units or UAC’s (unaccompanied children).

As one Border Patrol agent put it — they are on diaper patrol not border patrol. One agent described having THREE agents on a 50 mile line on actual patrol… with vast areas of unnavigable land… and no units to respond to sensors…

One group apprehended while we were in the river at 3:00 AM were from India! One group that came through of 29… 19 sought CBP Rio Grande Valley — and 10 dressed in black scurried off into the brush heading north. Those aren’t the “good guys.”

That group went up this path out of the river… a worn path through the brush… littered with diapers and children’s clothing… but are these the kids of all these men? One guy was caught with 3rd infant — DNA tested, and guess what? Not the dad…

Speaking of DNA… that testing wasn’t started fully until July and remains optional! So our CBP agents spend their time interviewing and processing, not patrolling!!! Not running boats and choppers but infrequently with low personnel. When the boats run, traffic slows or moves!

Meanwhile — the Reynosa faction of the Gulf cartel has operational control of the border. Making over $2 million a week simply on the tax/fee for moving across the border through Reynosa. Criminal organizations make $50 million a week moving people through Mexico.

We still have limited places to put single adults (usually males) and ICE is overrun with border traffic, harming interior enforcement (read: usually criminals)… and ICE needs more beds, and we need more judges and officers to actually have expedited removal.

This could go on — but here’s the bottom line… the border is nowhere close to secure, CBP is overwhelmed doing processing, ICE is jammed, and Politicians are leaving them abandoned on the battle field….

I am really grateful for CBP Rio Grande Valley for the tours, National Border Patrol Council for joining us to discuss, Jaeson Jones for his expertise, Brandon Darby and his Breitbart team for their unique knowledge, sitting down for a round table, and staying up with me until 4:00 in the morning on the border!

And I’m grateful for fellow Texan Rep. Michael Cloud for his focus on the border and to colleagues Rep. Jim Jordan, Rep. Ben Cline, Rep. Andy Biggs for touring with CBP Rio Grande Valley to see what’s going on in Texas!

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