Statement by Rep. Chip Roy on the Confirmation Hearings for Amy Coney Barrett

Austin, TX — Rep. Chip Roy, a former senior counsel to the Senate Judiciary Committee and former Special Assistant United States Attorney, released the following statement as confirmation hearings begin for Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett:

“Amy Coney Barrett is an excellent pick by the president to serve on the United States Supreme Court. She is an unquestionably talented and qualified individual but, as importantly, a supremely impressive human being.

“As the Senate Committee on the Judiciary begins its hearing today, Senate Democrats will no doubt do at least two things: attack Judge Barrett for her personal beliefs and suggest that she has pre-judged future opinions by virtue of those beliefs and/or her nomination by President Trump.

“This should spotlight the judges-as-superlegislature worldview by Democrats that have wrongly and dangerously politicized the Court for far too long. The role of the judge is truly to call balls and strikes, and to leave the politics – and the policy making – to the Legislative and the Executive branches.

“As the American people watch Judge Barrett answer questions – they should remember that the Washington Democrats view her as supposedly so ‘dangerous’ as to require politicizing the Court by packing it full of additional judges in response. Ask yourself as you watch this hearing if this is a remotely reasonable response – or if, perhaps instead, Justice Thomas was right when he said of Senator Joe Biden when presiding over his hearing that ‘[he] had no idea what he was talking about.’

“I believe Judge Barrett will demonstrate to the American people that she should, and will, be confirmed.”


Stand with Chip!