Susan Narvaiz: Please vote for my friend Chip Roy

By Susan Narvaiz

I didn’t know Chip Roy before we became candidates for the same office at the end of last year, but it has been my pleasure to have come to know Chip since. As candidates for the 21st Congressional District of Texas, I had the chance to see Chip’s character first-hand as we shared our stories and our faith throughout the primary campaign.

Leading up to the March primary, I also experienced the deceptive tactics Matt McCall deployed to confuse voters about his opponents. While some may think it’s okay to twist the facts, I see it as an indication of how a person will act under pressure – and of someone willing to do anything to win. When Chip made the run-off, it was clear to me who I would support and vote for moving forward.

Chip is devoted to his family, a good, Christian man, and a warrior for life. He is determined to ensure our children have the same opportunities, and freedom to succeed, that we enjoy. And Chip is not only deeply knowledgeable about policy, he has the ability to take a stand for freedom and conservatism in a way that wins hearts and minds – something too often neglected in our modern age of snarky, social media politics. Perhaps most importantly, Chip has the experience, the temperament, and the judgment to work with conservative allies and build the relationships and coalitions necessary to not just fight but win for the people of the 21st District.

His experience will allow him to hit the ground running if he’s elected. It’s why so many people and groups who stand and fight for conservatism have endorsed Chip, and it’s why I did the same. Chip is a proven, conservative champion who voters can count on to deliver on his campaign promises. I believe Chip will steadfastly fight for our shared values of faith, individual liberty and limited government – the values most important to, and most reflective of, the people of the 21st District.

In runoffs, turnout is absolutely critical so please take the time to vote early now through this Friday, May 18th or on election day, May 22nd. You can find your early voting place here. And please forward this email to your friends and urge them to go out and vote. It really will make a difference.

I am proud to live and serve as a small business person and former mayor in the 21st District, and I am proud to ask you to support my friend, Chip Roy, for Congress.



Stand with Chip!