Texas Right to Life PAC Endorses Chip Roy for Reelection

Austin, TX — The Chip Roy for Congress campaign is proud to announce the support and endorsement of Texas Right to Life PAC in the race for Congressman Roy’s reelection to continue representing Congressional District 21 in the United States Congress.

“In 2020, Roy will face a challenge from one of Texas’s most infamous abortion proponents–Wendy Davis. But there is no better opponent to face her,” said Texas Right to Life PAC. “An ardent and consistent defender of Life faces a politician whose claim to fame was an attempt to preserve and expand the legal slaughter of innocent preborn babies. Texas Congressional District 21 has incredible representation in Chip Roy, and his consistent leadership has earned the full support of his constituents.”

Texas Right Life PAC went on to say, “Since winning election to Congress in November 2018 to represent the constituents of Texas’s 21st Congressional District, Chip Roy has hit the ground running in Washington, D.C. In the typical Washington power structure, freshmen members of Congress are expected to stand on the sidelines, but Congressman Roy has already demonstrated incredible leadership, jumping straight into the D.C. fray. He has fearlessly taken on establishment politics to restore transparency and rights to the people he represents, including preborn children.”

Congressman Roy is running for reelection to represent Texas Congressional District 21 in the United States Congress. The endorsement comes at a pivotal time as Congressman Roy coalesces support from conservatives headed into what is likely to be one of the top Congressional races in the country in 2020. He is unopposed in the primary election and will likely face off against failed gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis in November. Early voting in the primary election is underway and information about when and where to vote can be found here.


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