The Kerrville Daily Times: US Rep. Chip Roy is voice of reason in changing political landscape in Kerrville area

by Times Editorial Board

If there’s anything we can appreciate about freshman U.S. Rep. Chip Roy, it is a streak of pragmatism we saw during his visit to Kerrville this week.

While it’s easy to argue that Roy is aligned closely with President Donald Trump on many things, there’s also an argument to be made that Roy’s reasonable approach on health care, border security, the budget and the military are a contrast to the president’s sometimes harsher rhetoric.

That voice of reason is welcome in a diverse district that appears to be changing. Roy’s path to success will continue to require balancing conservative values with the changing demographics of a district where 168,000 people voted for his opponent.
During an hour-long interview with members of The Daily Times Editorial Board, Roy covered many of his signature topics and earned our interest in his take on health care.

Roy’s take is simple: improve access to a marketplace, where people have multiple providers and receive direct care managed by their doctors rather than by insurance companies, who control that access.

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