The Solutions To The Border Crisis Democrats Are Ignoring

The southern border of the United States has never been in a worse condition than it is now.

Despite the best efforts of our law enforcement officials, cartels maintain operational control of large portions of our border and increasingly the interior of the United States.

The dangerous border cartels are also harming ties with our strategic ally, Mexico, which is important for trade and economic growth in the region.

And yet, Democrats ignore the obvious, simple, and affordable solutions that could help mitigate the worst of the crisis.

So we launched a website with border facts highlighting every aspect of the crisis and presenting constructive solutions on how we solve the problem.

Here are just some of the solutions on

  1. Fully fund and finish the border fence and needed border infrastructure.
  2. Declare as Foreign Terrorist Organizations (FTO), those cartels on our southern border that meet those criteria.
  3. Properly fund Customs and Border Protection (CBP).
  4. End Catch-And-Release by overturning the flawed “Flores” settlement agreement and ruling.
  5. Reform asylum laws that currently allow cartels to make billions of dollars off of human smuggling.

We need patriots across America to sign our petition on to help send the message to Congress that it’s time they solve this crisis.

If you do one thing to support President Trump’s efforts to secure the border and protect our sovereignty then sign the petition and forward this post to just 3 of your friends. Make it so Congress can’t ignore this issue any longer.

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