Video: I can’t thank you enough

We’ve put together a video to thank you all for everything you did to help us win the runoff and the Republican nomination for Congress. This race has never been about me; it’s about the simple idea that we, as Americans, are to be free. Our volunteers and the voters know what we are fighting for is about something much larger than a political race. We put our faith in God and in principles — not in men.

I cannot begin to thank you enough for your prayers and your vote to trust me to represent your values as the Republican nominee for Congress. I am truly honored by this opportunity to continue the fight to serve you. I welcome the opportunity to run against a Democrat opponent because I know which candidate is going to be in-step with the great conservative patriot Texans in this great district.

And now the hard work begins in making sure that we win in the general election in November. Our job is to run a campaign focused on the issues, and with the continued support of our incredible volunteers, we will do just that. When we, as conservatives, focus on the issues we win!

Stand with Chip!