Washington Examiner: Chip Roy wants to actually debate a $19 billion spending bill, and Democrats think it’s the end of the world

by Rachel Bovard

Last week, a member of Congress exercised his right to have a vote. Based on the media reaction, you would have thought D.C. was burning down.

But if you care about fiscal responsibility, believe members of Congress should vote on billion-dollar bills before they pass, or even think that reading and debating legislation is a useful exercise, meet your new hero: freshman Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas.

After sending members of the House home for a weeklong vacation last Thursday, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., brought a $19 billion disaster relief bill to the floor, expecting it to easily pass with no one in the chamber.

This is, after all, how much of our spending legislation passes now — late at night, up against a holiday, or by presuming the consent of members who have already gone home.

What she wasn’t counting on, however, was that one member wanted to actually read the bill — the final text of which had only come over from the Senate hours earlier. Not only that, but horror of horrors, he wanted to debate and vote on it.

Roy objected to passing the bill by unanimous consent, asserting his right to request that the House of Representatives debate and vote on the measure with all members present.

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