Wendy Davis Will Make Sure Protections For Unborn Babies Are Overturned

Here’s what Wendy Davis said in a recent email to her supporters about her plans if she goes to Congress.

“I’ll work to ensure our constitutional right to an abortion is protected by law”

If elected, Wendy Davis will:

  • Erase the pro-life gains we’ve made under President Trump with the appointment of Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh.
  • Federally fund late-term abortions with your tax dollars.
  • Prevent states from enacting common-sense policies that protect women from the greedy hands of Planned Parenthood.

None of these are Texas Values, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have a fight on our hands to keep Texas red. The Democrat Party has labelled TX-21 a “top tier pickup opportunity.” What’s more is that Texas will “emerge as the tipping-point state” in the upcoming presidential election, according to the New York Times. Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have both been to the state in recent months saying Texas is the 2020 ground zero.

Leftists in Hollywood are even making a movie detailing her filibuster in support of late-term abortion, and it’ll come out right before the election in order to have maximum impact.

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